" Bahar is a gifted practitioner ,I am so glad I got in touch with her.I met her to help me with my 5 year old boy diagnosed with Autism and wanted her to work on his social skills ,behaviour,focus, speech,food aversions and just general well being.
She listened patiently to all the issues I was facing with my son. After the first session itself I saw a huge difference in my son, he seemed much more focussed and calmer. I could feel he is really connected with his surrounding .After a few more sessions I started hearing really good feedback from preschool as to how focussed he was and he was sitting longer for table activities and was understanding everything that was expected of him.There were much less tantrums and he was willing to coperate.The other big change I noticed was in food aversion there seemed to be miracle the boy who just saw vegetables and threw tantrums was eating a full bowl of vegetables!!it was just magic...She helped me with releasing  my sons phobia for swimming pools and i saw a significant difference in him after the session and now he is enjoying his swimming lessons.Although the sessions were distant Bahar gave full details of what area she focussed in the session and what all came up and also gave me lots of advice on what I could do at home to help my son for his general well being.I am so thankful to Bahar I feeling very hopefull that my son will fully recover ,I would highly recommend her to anyone"
J.N. - London

"I saw Bahar when i was going through depression and didn't want to be stuck on medication, feeling stuck in a rut. What struck me first was her calm understanding nature and how I didn't feel judged. Each session, i noticed i was feeling more positive and hopeful than before, and the wellbeing helped me to keep going. I gradually came off medication after a year, but i really felt that the sessions were helpful to lift my mood and give me hope." D.M. - London

"Body talk helped me with my asthma which I developed during pregnancy. After two sessions I came off of the steroids. Had a drug free pregnancy. It's amazing that it also helped with other minor illness like colds, coughs and back aches. I also had sessions after birth to heal quicker. I strongly recommend it to those who want to remain drug free." M.B. - London

" During the crystal remote viewing session, i experienced my past, present and future lives and i gained clarity on how i presently can help people around me and be non judgmental about others behaviour. I also got insight into my future in ten years time and was happy to see that i will be progressing in my life path towards my goal and living how i want to. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and the confidence i felt afterwards." S.S.- Jakarta (Indonesia)

" Sekhem helped me recover from a personal loss. It gave me a feeling that  everything is going to change for the positive and for the good of me and my family. I could feel the cosmic energies around me. The best thing about Sekhem is the natural process of it. I found it gentle and soothing which is exactly what i wanted in the pregnancy i conceived after the miscarriage which was very traumatic for me. Thank you Bahar for helping me get over the grief and move on. Today i have moved on from that incident and have a healthy 3 month old baby boy!" A.S. - London

" BodyTalk gave a lot of faith and hope when my son fell from my hands when he was 11 days old. Despite our worries he was discharged the next day and in the future when he suffered breathing issues this was addressed using BodyTalk and Sekhem techniques and he was fine after that. He is growing up wonderfully and i continue to schedule tune up sessions when i feel the need!" G.M - Hong Kong

" It was a real pleasure to receive Sekhem from Bahar. It is a powerful modality and Bahar is a brilliant practitioner. She has studied other systems too, so if it feels right and you book with her you can have confidence that she has an uncommon breadth of understanding of the different levels of life experience.


I am familiar with many different forms of the healing healing arts and am happy to say that the Sekhem sessions I have had from Bahar are amongst the most powerful of any modality. On my search for solutions to reversing Ankylosing Spondylitis symptoms, with some significant joint fusion, I feel that the Sekhem I received from Bahar was an important step. It is also time for me to book another session! " D.T. London

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