Pure Sekhem Energy Healer

Sekhem is a high vibration, intelligent energy system that supports the evolution of individuals and the mass consciousness. It was re-introduced into modern times by Master Teacher Helen Belot. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt.


This is an energy of pure, unconditional love, used for the Highest Good of the individual receiving it. Working with this energy (as a receiver or giver) empowers us to take charge of our lives, appreciate who we are and achieve inner harmony and balance. The energy also bonds us with our Higher Self and the higher realms, as we journey along with it.


Sekhem is self-empowering as it brings to the surface an awareness that enables us to deal with our more deep-seated issues with greater clarity and understanding.


The word Sekhem literally means 'might' or 'power', as the energy gives us the strength and courage to make the changes we need to move forward by gently helping us to release what is holding us back and/or preventing us from coming into our own.

Healing is actually just a part of this system as Sekhem works on all levels of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously, assisting us to take responsibility for our lives and grow both personally and spiritually to align with our true selves.

The energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands on to the client and works on fulfilling the client's intention/purpose for the healing. In the process Sekhem also helps re-balance our ying/yang (male and female energies) and cleanse and heal every cell and molecule in the physical body.


Sekhem has been described as an awe-inspiring energy that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.


It can work alongside any other traditional Western or Eastern therapy and is also a totally safe treatment for easing discomforts pre- and post-surgery, following chemotherapy and radiation, as it compliments other orthodox treatments and alternative therapies.


For more information see Helen Belot's website: http://www.sekhem.com.au/

 visit the facebook pagehttps://engb.facebook.com/puresekhem/

meet up group to see events in Central Londonhttps://www.meetup.com/Pure-Sekhem-Energy-Healing-Meetup/

What happens during the Energy treatment?

During your session you will normally lie down or you may sit and the therapist will place their hands on or near your body allowing the energy to flow to you. You do not need to remove any clothing except for shoes and coats.

What will I feel during my Energy Healing session?

People report feeling very relaxed, often drifting to sleep and feel that they are surrounded by a calm, loving energy. Everyones experience can vary, but people often say they have sensations or feel a cool or warm energy. Some feel they have more clarity in making decisions and feel that physical healing is much faster.

Can I have energy healing done if I am receiving other medical treatment or on medication?

Yes you can and it can help with removing unwanted chemicals from the body in chemotherapy or other medication clearing, pre and post surgery too. The energy works totally in harmony with all traditional treatments and other therapies.

Some of the reported benefits of Sekhem

  • Gain the courage and strength to stand up to and face their fears 

  • Express themselves with more ease and confidence 

  • Overcome inhibitions 

  • Deal better with their grief 

  • Regain energy…overcome fatigue 

  • Open up their potential for clairvoyance, clairaudience 

  • Journey into past lives 

  • Improve memory, focus and concentration

  • Flow with creativity 

  • Cope and deal with people and situations with more ease 

  • Conceive, after years of trying 

  • Recover from a limp to walk with more of a spring 

  • Relieve physical aches and pains, i.e. backaches

  • Set you up for difficult situations in the future, where you can call on the energy to assist you such as tiredness after work or in scheduled stressful situations such as important meeting or travelling

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