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New inspirational Book "The Girl with the Gift"

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

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This story was inspired by my own experience of difficulty, and seeing how isolating and disconcerting it can be to go through something that no one else around me experienced or understood. When i developed spinal inflammation out of the blue with no prior conditions, suddenly i was faced being unable to walk, unable to do basic self-care, let alone care for my young children. Nothing i have ever faced prepared me for this, nor was it something anyone i knew had faced who i could ask.

In all my years i have never come across anyone who has developed spinal inflammation and been unable to move, and i know that this new trend of diseases that I can see more of than before is linked to the increase in medical intervention that has been imposed on the public without consent. The sadness is when perfectly healthy children develop Guillan Barre or Neurological symptoms and i have seen far worse cases than myself. A week before i developed the inflammation i was healthy and fit, symptom free, and enjoying my course in aromatherapy and massage and it also happens to be the week that the Fluenza Tetra aka flu vaccine was introduced to schools in the UK in a spray form (December 2016). I unfortunately walked into my child's school as they sprayed this (formaldehyde and GM ingredients amongst other things) containing vaccine into 45 boys noses, and did not think much would occur but i was very very wrong . This moment marks the biggest change in my physiology i have ever experienced, because those who have been through chronic and sudden medical issues know the knock on effect one serious toxic illness can have on their lives. Others can only read about it, and i hope that no one else goes through what i have been through...

My purpose here is not to gain sympathy votes, but to simply provide a context and background to how things have developed and how i decided to write this story. If i ever reach a day when i forget what had happened to me and am relieved of every effect i will remember the gift above all else that emerged from such suffering to write such a light filled, hope inspiring story for all.

Luckily, my mindfulness meditation practice was well established for several years, and so when doctors warned me that the high dose steroids i was given would make me very anxious, i neither expected this to be true, nor was it. There were plenty of side effects and difficulties to be sure, but i was able to witness them, without being overly emotional or involved in them which would have added to the already toxic burden i was carrying. This story has been written in a way that it isn't just for a Transverse Myelitis sufferer, or a physically sick person, but for anyone who goes through their own personal tragedy or hardship and has to find solutions on their own. I was guided to make it accessible for all as there is a very clear need now when people are so disconnected from the nature that they are. I see through my children and family members that everyone is looking on the internet for answers and asking often well meaning people who do not really know what's best for THEM, and then i realise that there is a real need now for children, and adults to find a mindfulness, meditative practice that works for them and their belief systems to find answers that work for them. As many great masters have said, the answers are found within , and the reason that they keep advocating this meditative, mindful practice is that otherwise a man becomes a slave to the environment they are in and the messages that are being given and can no longer discern 'truth' .

I saw first hand, (during my 3 week stay at hospital) in the middle of the night on the neurological ward , that people were screaming and crying and saying that they are bound to their neurological conditions and may never recover, and would continuously repeat this 'mantra' to whoever would listen . Perhaps this is what they were told by the doctor, and they would come up to me and say that the zimmer frame or special movement tools they were using were going to be with them for life.

It never occurred to me that this was the case as fortunately i get to see the miracles that the human body is capable of with BodyTalk and meditation. I took each day as it came and just focused on what i could do to help myself, remaining connected to my daily practice in whatever capacity i could at the time. Coming home was a blessing, as i could surround myself with positive energy and focus on getting off walking tools and walking unaided.

My hope is that whoever reads my story gets inspired to find a mindfulness , meditative tool in whatever shape suits them to connect to their 'inner guru' or higher self which is just waiting to be discovered.

May all beings know peace and truth.


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