Lymphatic Drainage

Imagine if :

you eat Indian food, walk a bit and soak in a bathtub and leave water in there, then go to sleep, wake up and  go to class, go for run sweat and detox , go home and sit in the tub again without emptying it, and the same next day-

It is a TOXIC TUB!!! The body is like this if the lymphatic system is not working properly!!!

Lymph collects and returns interstitial fluid including plasma protein to the blood and helps maintain fluid balance


Defends body against disease by producing  lymphocytes and antibodies


Absorbs lipids from intestine and transports them to blood


Why do we have a lymph system?


Part of bodys Defence mechanism

Prevents circulation of pathogens


Stores lymphocytes to fight infection


Maintains fluid balance


Supports digestive system by counteracting infection and absorbing fat





Organ -Tonsils, thymus, spleen, bone marrow


Lymph in its natural state is clear and pure and calm without worry or distress


So it can help with :

supporting and improving immune system


decreasing pain

swelling and oedema

clearing out toxins whether emotions, chemicals, medications that you do not want to store in the body!

-body is a factory producing chemicals and giving off waste products-except that since your not taking anything in you won’t give anything out either-so now toxin inside and outside and cells get sick and die

Movement of fluids is extremely important in the body for health!

The cells need to be drained before supplied with more nutrients!

Please note!

-there is twice as much lymph as blood in the body

-if it stopped we would die in hours (less than 2)from  toxicity

-poor lymph can be underlying cellulite to cancer

-lymph vessels in almost every cell in body (50 trillion cells)

-all blood vessels in body lined up end to end are 60,000 miles and wrap around planet twice 

-pathogens will build up if these are stagnant and blocked

This technique is gentle enough for pregnancy (This is not the Vodder method)

Common symptoms of lymph congestion

-pelvic area :could be bloating, reproductive disorders ,fibroids, cysts ,adhesions, painful intercourse, menstruations, endometriosis, bowel issues, bladder issues , constant UTI's


upper thoracic area :could be congestive heart failure, congestive lungs, compromised by asthma, scar tissue in lungs etc…

joint areas :can be congested in lots of nodes, shoulders, hips, elbows knees filtration area so lymph is flowing there so pain in joints and swelling

-inflammation is a tool of immune system to kill pathogens

-if fluid is building a lot of pathogens

if too many pathogens immune system is chronically trying to fight it no win battle and heat /swelling

- pain can feel like arthritis but may be lymph stagnation

-oedema is swelling and fluid -greatest impact of this technique is on secondary oedema caused by injury surgery 

What is the technique like?

Gentle, soft movements to encourage the lymph to move in key points around the body. It is not a massage!

The technique can be performed without clothes (draping and towels provided) or fully clothed. It can even be performed energetically! It's all down to your preference and there is no "right way". Some say they find it more relaxing on skin.

Drink plenty of water before and after session to avoid any muscle aches (drink plenty for at least 72 hours)

Detoxification may lead to higher urine output (this is fine), change in colour/scent or urine, mild headache, transient light headedness/nausea, but drinking plenty will minimise these effects.

 Holistic Massage coming soon!  

Aromatherapy Massage also coming soon!

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