Crystal Viewing benefits

Working with different dimensions is becoming part of our daily lives as strange unexplainable events happen which our logical minds cannot comprehend. By working with higher frequency energies we can utilise this ancient technology to retrieve information that we don't normally have access to and remember and download forgotten gifts.  We can receive information about soul lessons from past lives or even sneak peak into the future or gain clarity on the present.

Crystal technology-a wonderful tool

Egyptians have long used this technology, 2000 years ago, and understood the importance of crystals. Crystals are used in modern  technology for computers and clocks, as they harness energy and store data. They were used in Atlantis for time travel and communication.  By cleansing and placing with clear intention in a grid formation around the body, they assist in raising the vibration to theta state, and in combination with the sound frequencies of specific tuning forks or singing bowls they create a dimensional doorway which gives access to the memory of the soul. Certain crystals are very effective  in assisting the process, such as clear quartz assists the person to easily 'travel' and visit different dimensions, amethyst is very high vibration and powerful , especially combined with clear quartz. Rose quartz creates a very gentle, loving energy which is great for the heart area and moldavite can give galactic results.

The crystals put the mind and body into active theta brain wave, which is a relaxed sleep state or deep meditation. One can experience breakthroughs of consciousness and gain some clarity on present situations from a higher perspective. Explore realms that you never knew existed. Clear out old patterns and behaviours and review the powerful lifetimes and gifts you have at subconscious and DNA level.

Benefits of Crystal Viewing

  • Discovering past life relationships with your loved ones. This can help us understand ho our behaviours and patterns are created

  • Remember gifts and knowledge from other times and places and bring them back

  • Break old patterns of Fear

  • Resolve current relationship issues by witnessing past or future experiences that are positive or releasing past issues

  • Communicate with your guides and Creator and ask for guidance

  • Find out what your soul mission and path is

  • View of the future and where you may be in this incarnation or next

  • Visit other planets and galaxies or roam the earth plane

  • understanding why you are where you are at this time by seeing patterns of behaviour/experiences

"I came not knowing what to expect and I decided to try out crystal viewing as I have experienced quantum healing before.

I wanted to work on a relationship with a family member that is very strained due to circumstances that were painful.


I saw a vision during the session  which was very positive and a deeply supported loving relationship, but in my reality its been difficult and fractured. It was a totally different relationship during the session . 


 I noticed that when i next saw this person pass me by the relationship dynamic had shifted and my feelings about her had shifted from 'i don't want to see her' to a feeling of 'I can let my defenders down.' I also notice a shift in her attitude towards me and a softness and strength in myself." A. S. London

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