Professional Biomat user

What is a Biomat?

A professional Biomat has infrared technology identified by NASA as the safest most beneficial type of lightwave.The negative ions and far infrared rays are soothing and healing to the body. Far infrared rays have been studied  for various health benefits such as similar relaxation effect to the sun, which is wonderful to have in the Winter when there is less of it. They penetrate the tissues at the deepest parts of the body, relieving discomfort.

Negative ions have been shown to help the body release free radicals and lower inflammation. This is a similar experience to 'grounding' or walking barefoot on the earth or walking in nature, which is great for the body but not always practical in cold weather.

The Biomat also contains lines or carefully placed amethyst crystals, which are superconducting and assist the healing process. People report that the experience of lying on the Biomat for treatments is just pure bliss, and helps in circulation and pain relief! I myself use it for this after a busy day when the muscles are cold and aching.

Benefits of the Biomat

Special layers of the Biomat effectively reduce EMF waves which could be harmful to health.

Other reported benefits include:

supporting immune system

improved sleep where associated with pain relief or occasional sleeplessness

relief of joint and muscle pain

increased blood circulation and tissue oxygen

reduced stress and fatigue

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